A wonderful example of openness and connection with the neighborhood in an architectural and social sense
jury report Gouden A.A.P 2020


Location : Jan van Schaffelaarplantsoen in the Kolenkit, Amsterdam
Program: 239 homes, commercial spaces and parking
Volume: 30.000 m2 GFA
Gemeente Amsterdam, De Nijs Projectontwikkeling, Smits’ Bouwbedrijf, CBRE Global Investors, Tangram Architekten, Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Hiensch Engineering, Urban Sync en Cascoland
Schedule: 2015 – 2019
Gouden A.A.P. 2020 (1st prize). 6 nominaties: BNA Gebouw van het Jaar 2020, ARC Award Best Architecture 2019, StiB Award 2019, Zuiderkerkprijs 2019, Woongebouw van het Jaar 2019

Rhapsody is an exceptional project in a complex destination. It is the capstone in the large-scale urban renewal in the Kolenkitbuurt – a borough considered to be one of the worst in The Netherlands only ten years ago. Durable, innovative, incredibly noise-proof and at the same time green and quiet. Living in Rhapsody offers the original residents a ‘new’ home with lots of greenery, social safety and low energy costs. We can proudly say that it is the first stacked residential building with a negative EPC.

Rhapsody (in West) was designed by TANGRAM Architekten and comprises 239 rental properties spread across five buildings, an elevated courtyard, commercial spaces and a parking garage. The building along the A10 West creates a sound buffer for its green and tranquil inner world that some in our industry might call an urban oasis. Rhapsody in West was developed with the conviction to make a positive and lasting contribution to the area, its residents and its environment. The project solved an abundance of key issues, like solving the noise problem, while pushing sustainability, neighborhood participation and community building. Rhapsody is the brick-and-mortar proof that in the complexity of urban compaction lies opportunity to add quality of living to a city.

In 2015, the team of De Nijs Projectontwikkeling, Smits ‘Bouwbedrijf, TANGRAM Architekten, Urban Sync, artists’ collective Cascoland and CBRE Global Investors won the tender by focusing on energetic and social sustainability. At which point, NCD led this team and developed the plan in a perfectly executed shared effort.

Spearhead of the municipality of Amsterdam is collaboration on spatial and social aspects in neighborhoods. The development of Rhapsody in the Kolenkitbuurt is an example of how the power of the neighborhood has been optimally utilized in its further development. Our motto is 'involve residents in the plans, leave room for the unforeseen, even if this is at the expense of the planned space and make room for temporality'. I am very proud of the way this has been achieved in the span of this project.
Jeroen van Berkel, Municipal Executive, Municipality of Amsterdam