Heritage is in the spotlight. At Rijnboutt we believe in the principle of 'conservation through development'. The transformation from shipyard to residential area is an important cultural task, not only in view of Muiden's history, but also in the interest of a sustainable future.
Bart van der Vossen, architect Rijnboutt Architecten.

De werf bij de sluis in Muiden

Location: Schoutenwerf in Muiden
Program: Housing, parking garage, harbor
Volume: 13.900 m2 GFA
Team: Rijnboutt, Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Van Rossum Infra, Hiensch Engineering, LBPSight, BOAG, Hosper
Schedule: Under development
Website: www.dewerfbijdesluisinmuiden.nl

Schoutenwerf was purchased at the beginning of 2018 with the aim of developing it into an area with owner-occupied homes and its own marina.

57 homes are being built in this former shipyard, which boasts an underground parking garage and marina. The homes on Hellingstraat seamlessly match the architecture of the historic mansions and offer direct access to the countryside and the Zeedijk. The buildings in which the apartments reside are clearly inspired by the industrial character of the former shipyard. Robust and restrained, with lots of brick and steel structures that reminisce of a long bygone era of Holland. The wharf houses have the same identity, but there are major differences: one house is elegant and refined, the next with a more rough and tough, industrial air to it. This creates a clear architectural course from Hellingstraat to the quay: from the past to the here and now.

NCD is involved in the Schoutenwerf as a development partner for Egeria Real Estate Development. NCD takes care of development management from initiative to sale.