Dura Vermeer Inspiration Center

Location: Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht
Program: Office and showroom
Volume: 7.500 m2 GFA
Team: Dura Vermeer Vastgoed, Monk Architecten, Pieters Bouwtechniek, Ingenieursbureau Linssen, DGMR, D/Dock / Furnify
Schedule: 2018 – 2020

The Dura Vermeer Inspiration Center (DVIC) gives a ‘look behind the scenes’ and sets out to inspire visitors. The innovative and sustainable DVIC is an eye-catcher along the A2 near Utrecht. This new central ‘collaboration’ place in the country connects and contributes to the vitality of the employees.

The DVIC is a design by MONK Architecten and is Breeam Excellent certified. The design consists of a showroom, office and co-working / hospitality facilities. The building houses four operating companies.

The vision behind the DVIC is the transformation of Dura Vermeer into a network organization. By the promotion of working in multidisciplinary teams, Dura Vermeer is committed to a high level of satisfaction with all of its stakeholders. However, developing your own office or home is quite the endeavour, so Dura Vermeer Vastgoed asked NCD to do this on their behalf. For the past two years, NCD has been responsible for the development of the project and connecting the different interests of the four operating companies and management teams.